Why is the Waco Market SO Good?

Whether you live in Waco already or are thinking about making the move, you know how good the real estate market is. In fact, on-lookers can’t seem to get their head around how Waco has managed to push itself to the top of numerous “Best Of” lists in recent years— In fact, realtor.com reported that Waco, Texas was searched four times more than any other location in the United States in 2015. Well, let us lend a hand and use our decades of experience in this market to shed some insight on why little ole’ Waco is actually huge.

Since 2014, the Waco market has done nothing but climb. Oddly enough that spike directly corresponds with the growth of a HGTV show you may have heard about— Fixer Upper. Okay, okay, when talking about the housing market in Waco you can’t help but give some kuddos to Chip and Joanna Gaines. Their television show has brought a spotlight to our zip code like nothing else has in years! And a positive one at that! With added exposure, the market is bound to grow.

But Waco by no means lives in the lime light of Fixer Upper— It’s making a name for itself with the affordability, community and location it offers. Historically, Waco has been a very poor area. In fact it has sadly been among the poorest counties in Texas for quite some time now. Even though there are many high and median income areas, the diverse socio-economic landscape has balanced out the real estate market to make it amazingly affordable.

Waco’s location isn’t too shabby either. Smack dab in-between Austin and Dallas, Waco’s home in the I-35 corridor makes it a great place to “getaway” from big city life without isolating yourself from city-luxuries. But don’t be fooled, with the influx of families and visitors, Waco may keep it’s small town charm but it’s no small town anymore. As far as the job market goes, though, this is fantastic. With the growth in the real estate market, the job market has sprinted to keep up. New positions seem to pop up over night, and even more so, new businesses— Creating what seems to be the entrepreneur’s promise land. Even if you aren’t dreaming up the next big idea though, you can jump right into the market with a large industrial base thanks to Space X and Caterpillar and education base thanks to Baylor University, Texas State Technical College and McClennan Community College.

The true silver bullet seems to lie in a factor that cannot be quantified: the community present in Waco. Even with Waco’s growth, it has managed to keep that small-town feel and unlike the typical stereotype, Wacoan’s welcome visitors and new families with open arms— To a degree that’s almost unbelievable. We hear it all the time from tourist, “We can’t get over how nice everyone is, and how they genuinely care for us.” To which we respond, “Yep, that’s why we love it here.”

So do you see now what all the buzz about Waco is about? Could you see yourself as a Wacoan? Then let us help you plant your roots here in the “254” and show you what Waco-living is all about.


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