As property manager, HARRELL always has the property owners’ best interests in mind. We align our performance standards to those interests with the goal of building a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship. We also pledge to you, the property owner, the following business practices:

  • We do not own vendors or suppliers.
  • We are not compensated while the property is vacant.
  • Our incentive, as evidenced by our fee structure, is to create a long-term quality lease.
  • Our Management Agreement is subject to a 30-day easy-out cancellation notice.

When your property is vacant, the primary objective of HARRELL is to rent it quickly, with a quality lease. We stick to these standards:

  • We set rents to current market conditions, resulting in fewer, shorter vacancies.
  • We establish a separate make-ready standard for each property, to align the rent with market conditions, reducing spending on unnecessary improvements.
  • We show vacant properties only when they are in move-in condition. This speeds the days-to-occupancy process and improves the quality of the lease.
  • We market each house individually, not with other properties, regardless of similarity and proximity.
  • We make it easy to find our vacancies with highly-visible RENT signs, listings on multiple websites where renters frequent and neighborhood bulletin boards when appropriate.
  • We allow self-guided tours after procuring proper documentation to minimize the time period in which the property is vacant.

At HARRELL we understand the urgency of each opportunity to rent a property, which is why we process applications on the spot and offer to send leases out the same day, assuming we have all of the proper documentation and an approved application. We rent quickly but maintain fixed baseline acceptance standards, featured here, that cannot be overridden.

  • Tenant must inspect the interior of the property before the rent application is processed; sight unseen leases are not allowed.
  • Applicant’s income must be three times rent, i.e., to qualify for a $1,500 per month rent, the tenant must earn $54,000 per year, minimum.
  • We do not accept tenants who are convicted of manufacturing or distributing drugs.
  • We do not accept smokers and maintain a strict no-smoking policy, indoors and out.
  • We do not accept co-signors or guarantors.
  • We do not accept pre-paid rents to approve unacceptable tenant applications.
  • We do not accept multi-families. We have a two-person roommate limit.
  • Tenant Housing Assistance Programs (Section 8) are not accepted at any HARRELL property.
  • We do not accept pets over 30 pounds.
  • We do not accept applicants who have breached leases elsewhere.

HARRELL has created a strict and consistent lease agreement to benefit all parties involved. Agreement standards feature the following:

  • Lease alterations by tenants are not allowed.
  • Leases are all one year in length.
  • There are no repair deductibles. Property owners pay for all ordinary repairs; tenants reimburse the cost of all repairs caused by personal negligence.
  • Tenants remain responsible for the cost of landscaping, extermination and pool maintenance.
  • We have a standardized fully automated maintenance reporting system. Tenants must report the need for repairs online as soon as the need is observed.
  • A tenant’s direct communication with the property owner is considered a lease violation.
  • Lease renewals are automatically managed 90 days in advance at current market rental rates.

At HARRELL, we take lease agreements seriously and honor them by maintaining equally strict lease enforcement standards. By keeping the amount of past-due rent at a minimum, we protect all leases.

  • Tenants who are late with rent payments receive a Three-Day Vacate Notice on the first day following the expiration of the grace period.
  • They receive an eviction notice following the Three-Day Notice.
  • They receive a Writ of Possession following the eviction notce.
  • For only the cost of the filing fee, HARRELL attends court hearings related to delinquent rents and coordinates the Writ of Possession with the precinct constables.
  • To cancel legal proceedings, the tenant must pay all past due rent, late fees, and reimburse any legal fees.
  • During the delinquency period, HARRELL will inspect the property to ensure continued tenant possession of property.
  • HARRELL is committed to work with Home Owners Associations and immediately enforces lease violations related to a tenant’s failure to abide by an HOA’s rules and regulations.

By standardizing its maintenance practices, HARRELL maintains all its rental properties in a timely and efficient manner. Those practices include:

  • Automated maintenance reports and vendor notifications align all parties’ interests while speeding service and reducing costs.
  • Vendors are further incentivized by the long-term service opportunity of the HARRELL portfolio.
  • We have a preset $250 expense stop meaning you are never surprised by excessive expenditures.
  • The criteria for each repair approval is based on cause, need and cost.
  • Our understanding of responsibilities under the lease agreement provide for low-cost emergency repair solutions.
  • No reserve is required.

HARRELL is committed to delivering consistent and accurate service on financial matters and does so through the following practices:

  • Statements are sent on or before the 10th of each month via US Mail or uploaded via the Owner Portal
  • Deposits are made beginning the 10th of every month by direct bank deposit. If the property owner prefers, deposits will be mailed with the monthly statement.

Harrell has established standardized practices for effective and efficient communications with the property owners, including:

  • Email and phone are used to communicate when the property owner’s immediate input is needed
  • Monthly reports and accounting are sent via US Mail or uploaded via the Owner Portal.

HARRELL employees may be provided, or may have access to, confidential proprietary information (relative to the properties we manage) that is neither in the public domain nor is specifically authorized to be released to any third party by our clients. Such information may include, but is not limited to, certain property characteristics, quantities or qualities which may or may not be detrimental to the client if such information is disclosed. Protection of this confidential information is critical to our ability to successfully carry out our duties as property manager and to maintain trust between property manager and client. Accordingly, no HARRELL employee, manager or office may, without an order from a court of competent jurisdiction:

  • Disclose information regarding a client and/or his/her propert to any third party except as specifically authorized under the management agreement.
  • Use any confidential of proprietary information pertaining to the client or property for any purpose other than for the benefit of the client
  • Disclose any information concerning a client or his/her property to any third party unless such disclosure is necessary for the furtherance of the management responsibilities specified in the management agreement.
  • Property tax payments
  • Fire and liability insurance payments
  • Mortgage payments
  • HOA maintenance fees, if applicable
  • Remodeling of property
  • Retaining confidence in Harrell