You Can’t Youtube Everything

So you’re searching for your first home, or maybe you’re looking to downsize now that you’re empty nesters— Congrats! Whatever has brought you into the real estate market, I know this is an exciting season for you and your family. But as you are looking for that perfect place to call home, and compiling your project list for your new nest, there are a few things you should consider. The main thing: You can’t youtube everything. There are some projects best left to the pros, and here’s why: it’ll cost you money. Now I know, I know whenever home renovations come to thought, many people just see dollar signs, so having the chance to cut on cost and DIY what you can is appealing, but when you consider that sometimes DIY can actually mean cutting corners, your wallet will hurt even more. Whether it means having a professional remedy the damage a quick fix called, or having a doctor stitch your leg up after a real life “Humpty-Dumpty” moment, DIYs can cost you more than they’re worth. Want to avoid unnecessary home and medical bills? Then don’t skimp on these four projects:

Roofing: If a home is anything, it’s a roof over your head— So make sure you treat your roof right! If you’ve never roofed a house before, let me tell you, it is a very long and tedious process. Assuming that your work is done accurately, you still run the risk of a fall, so this job is most definitely best left to the professionals.

Plumbing: The behind the scenes heroes of your home are hands down your pipes. They’re not often thought about, but lift heavy loads— if you catch my drift— you do not want to risk making irreparable “repairs” to your plumbing system. So, I applaud our trusted plumbers and recommend you leave these projects to them.

Structural Improvements: I hope this goes without saying, but you can’t just knock down a wall and just because you’re an HGTV junkie, doesn’t mean you’re a structural expert. When you are looking to get the open floor plan of your dreams, let the pros handle it.

Anything You’re Uncomfortable With: If your gut says no, then listen to it. On the other hand, if your gut says “knock down that wall”, you might want to keep it in check. When we aren’t comfortable with something we rarely are able to execute it competently, so if you are hesitant to take on a project, then don’t— or your home might show your hesitation.


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