Tips on Becoming Part of the Community

Change can often cause a myriad of feelings to surface. Whether you just moved to a new city, started a new job or moved in with new roommates, most of us can relate to the anxiousness that precedes and often follows a transition. It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you move to a new place; allow us to offer a few tips to make your transition into a new community a little easier!

1. Start to view yourself as a contributing member

Although you’ve probably heard this a thousand times before, how you view yourself really does affect your reality. Try visualizing yourself as a member of the community you just became a part of rather than dismissing yourself as an outsider. The more you consider yourself a part, the more you will act as a contributor.

2. Do your research

Take some time to research events and things to do in your new area. The best way to meet new people is to start being present at community events and local hot spots. And give yourself some grace – it may take a bit of time for you to feel known and valued by others in your new community.

Try setting aside a few hours on a weekend to hang out at a local coffee shop or eatery. Bring a book and don’t be afraid to sit next to someone new.

3. Take a walk or use public transportation instead of driving 

As the weather starts to warm up, try walking to your destination rather than driving. Choose to explore and make yourself available to meet others rather than automatically isolating yourself by driving alone.

4. Avoid talking about your past all the time 

Starting every other sentence with “when I lived here…” or “I used to…” is a major turn off when making new friends. There is a time and place to talk to people about your past, but if that’s all you can bring up in conversation, it’s time to learn some new table topics.

Transition can be daunting, but when approached intentionally, it can help create space for a whole new community. Take our advice and start becoming a contributing member; you may find you enjoy it more than you thought!


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