How to Ensure Your Pet is a Good Rental Resident

Pets are extremely important to the daily post-work, de-stressing regiment. But, while you’re enjoying the wonderful healing powers of your furry friend, don’t let them become “that dog” or “that cat” the neighbors wish would mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night.

Property owners and leasing agents are becoming increasingly and understandably strict on pet guidelines…and for good reason.

If your pet is a good renter, you’re a good renter. 

If you’re in the market for something to rent, there are steps a responsible pet owner can take to make it easier on landlords and property owners.

First, being able to provide a Canine Good Citizen Certificate (CGC) shows that your pet has completed the American Kennel Club’s 10-step course in basic good manners. With an emphasis in obedience education, the course completion certificate will certainly woo future landlords.

A lot of trainers are also CGC certified, so if your pet is currently attending training, make sure to ask about this opportunity.

Second, well-behaved pets stem from outstanding owners. Educate yourself on how to best take care of your pet and you’ll shortly own the neighborhood’s favorite pup.

Make sure your dog is given an appropriate amount of outside time each day, even if you have to wake up an extra 30 minutes before your alarm. If you leave for work and your pup hasn’t seen the light of day in over 24 hours, he or she can become agitated, aggressive and worst of all—loud.

A stressed dog is a recipe for disaster. You’ll most likely come home to an obstacle course of trash, dirty laundry and shoes. There might even be scratched-up doors, walls and furniture to add to the mix.

Taking your pet for a walk or run first thing in the morning allows them to get out their pent-up energy from spending all night inside, and doing the same on your lunch break will leave your dog calm and at ease.

In addition to exercise, there are a variety of calming products and techniques to leave your pup at peace during the day. Leave music or the TV on while you’re out to provide some additional comfort.

Third, keep your pets and their pests under control. Invest in flea and tick medicine to keep unwanted guests at bay. It’ll make you and your neighbors happy.

For cat owners, take care of litter box maintenance and train them to use a designated scratching post so they won’t be inclined to destroy your new Pottery Barn couch.

Following these simple steps will guarantee that your pet will fly under the radar.


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