Moving Do’s and Don’ts

Packing, moving, and then unpacking is a hassle, whether you are moving down the street, or moving from coast to coast. Before you take on this daunting task, let us share some insight to save you from unwanted frustration. Here are 10 moving do’s and don’ts to guide you towards a stress-free move, that will leave you doing a happy dance.

Do consider leaving it to the professionals.

Hiring a moving company can save not only time, but blood, sweat and tears. Furniture and electronics are heavy and a pain to haul. If a moving company is up for consideration, make sure to compare companies before hiring. Not all moving companies have the same terms or price. Be sure to shop around and find the company that will get the job done right.

Don’t pay for packing supplies.

You can save tons of money by using old boxes or looking for free boxes from stores and restaurants. Suitcases are also a great option for packing and transporting heavy items or items that are awkwardly shaped.

Do pack and organize EVERYTHING before move in day.

Make sure everything is packed and ready to go on move in day, as well as, label and color code boxes by room. This insures an easier time unpacking and lets the movers know where to place each box.

Don’t be a hoarder.

Moving into a new place is the perfect time to declutter your home and clean out items no longer in use. Hold a garage sale before moving or donate old belongings to charity. Rule of thumb: if you haven’t seen or used it in 24 months and it isn’t a family heirloom, it’s time to say goodbye.

Do sketch a floor plan before you move. 

Having a set location for furniture and making measurements of big pieces before the moving day, can help with a smooth transition into your new home. This will make it easier to put things in the right place immediately upon arrival.

Don’t kill the carpet.

New or freshly cleaned floors are one of the best parts in moving into a new home. To ensure that those floors stay clean, invest in a “carpet shield” for moving day. This will prevent track marks from work boots and hundreds of pounds of furniture.

Do make a pet plan.

Moving can be stressful for pets, especially a long distance move. Make sure you have appropriate crates to ensure a stress free move for your furry friends– and just a reminder: never put your beloved pets in the moving van! Also considering a pet sitter on the day of the move will prevent pets getting in the way of movers.

Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag.

You don’t want to have to unpack a dozen boxes to find your toothbrush on your first day in your new home. Be sure to pack a bag of essentials such as clothes, medications and toiletries.

Do have proper insurance on all valuables.

It is important to protect any valuable, irreplaceable or precious items in your home that need to be protected from damage or theft. Be sure to check out homeowners and contents insurance before moving day.

Don’t forget to keep important documents with you. 

To prevent important documents from being lost in the move, keep them with you. Having these documents on hand ensures they won’t get lost in the shuffle and are easily accessible if needed.

Keeping these simple dos and don’ts in mind, you are on your way to a stress-free, successful move.


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